Performance Tuning

Is your system struggling to meet its performance goals?

If your system cannot meet one or more of its performance goals we can help. Guided by profiling we can tune and optimise a system to reach its performance goals. Often this can be a fairly simple exercise such as JVM, OS, or garbage collector tuning. Profiling often identifies issues in the code or system design which can be fixed quickly or worked around. Sometimes a more fundamental system design flaw is discovered which requires architectural changes which we can guide.

Maybe your latency distribution has a long tail and you would like some help finding that illusive outlier.

A typical profiling engagement is 2-5 days in duration resulting in major improvements. If you have a performance test environment and load harness then problem identification can be much faster.

Would you like to save on operating costs?

Some clients realise they could have cost savings if their system was more efficient or scaled more economically.

We can profile a system and identify bottlenecks for which the cost of change is less then benefits returned.